While there is no doubt that fresh herbs brighten up any dish, I’m starting to see several of the same sprigs stocked in our fridge. And while I’m still learning so much about the ways of the cooking world, I thought I’d share some of #ChefAdrian’s favorite fresh herbs to cook with and how to elevate your next dish with his thoughtful recommendations.

1. Basil

  • “A little really goes a long way.” A great reason to grow your own! You really only need a few leaves per dish
  • “Adds so much flavor while not too distracting from your main ingredient”.

Favorite Use: Duck Meatballs

2. Thyme

  • “It’s such a delicate herb that subtly enhances paired ingredients.”
  • “I love that it makes you say, “Mmmm, what is that flavor?“. It can be a mysterious ingredient that takes on many subtle flavors throughout a dish”.

Favorite Use: Steamed White Wine Mussels

3. Cilantro

  • “It’s probably one of the most fresh tasting herbs and livens up any dish.”
  • “Takes me back to Summer when you want to eat something crisp and light.”

Favorite Use: Pico de Gallo

4. Parsley

  • “Often overlooked or seen as a garnish, it’s actually a great compliment when used properly.”
  • “Vibrant and strong, it’s the world’s most popular herb and is also very nutritious.”

Favorite Use: Chimichurri Sauce

5. Oregano

  • “The fresh, leafy herb (as opposed to dried) is not as strong so it’s easier to regulate it’s potency and adds a bit of color.”
  • “A very deep flavor, it adds so much depth and richness to dishes.”

Favorite Use: Brick Chicken

This year, we are definitely expanding our garden to include as many herbs as possible so we can have an abundance of flavor at our finger tips!

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