Kentucky for Thanksgiving!

Instead of trotting to Charleston, for our first Thanksgiving with family in different states, we are meeting half-way in Kentucky!

TMI Trave Guide: Charleston, SC

With our trip booked to visit my parents and having been to Charleston, South Carolina a handful of times myself, I thought of no better way to celebrate my excitement than to put together the ultimate guide to The Holy City– with help from the new Charlestonians themselves– view the best-in-class to-do’s, restaurants (of course), cocktail … Continue Reading

Chicago Summer Guide

#SummerTimeChi is no joke– and us Chicagoans take full advantage of warm, sunny days out on patios, rooftops, festivals, farmers markets and so much more. It’s no secret that Chicago comes alive in the Summer with so much to do and all the beauty the comes with it. We only get three months of it … Continue Reading

A Small Town Travel Guide

Does anyone else get a winter travel bug? Mostly because it’s freezing here in Chicago and I start to itch for sunshine! #ChefAdrian and I have a (very) long list of travel destinations, and while we travel about 4-5 times a year, we’re finding that a lot of the places on our list are smack dab in … Continue Reading

5 Tips for Your Carry-On

#ChefAdrian and I fly about 4-5 times a year and all are typically pretty short flights (if all goes well!). We also never check bags to ensure easy access to our luggage on and off the plane (especially for transfers!). That said, at this point I’ve mastered the carry-on essentials and no matter where you’re flying at any … Continue Reading

Desert Getaway

#ChefAdrian and I always take a quick trip to beat the chill around this time of the year. But with some many tips already planned (stay tuned!), we settled on a long weekend in Phoenix to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law. I’ve actually never been to Arizona, so I’m really looking forward to … Continue Reading

The TMI Holiday Guide: For Your Dog

Your dog definitely deserves a little something this season! I know we spoil #SassySofie since it seems she goes through her toys, winter wear and throw blankets so quickly. Here are a few of the gifts that are at the top of our list for her! SHOP FOR YOUR DOG Woofing you a pawsome Howliday! … Continue Reading

The TMI Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Oh boy, you know I didn’t forget about you guys (so many puns intended)! With the help from #ChefAdrian, I’ve compiled literally everything we could think of that would be a great gift for your man, dad or every other special man in your life. A lot of which, are some of #ChefAdrian’s favorite pieces he … Continue Reading

TMI Scrapbook: Detroit, Michigan | Part Deux

We just can’t seem to get enough of Detroit! The pockets of unconventional beauty has drawn us back once again. While there for a wedding, we were able to pop by The Eastern Market and get to know the neighborhood, poke around all the districts and enjoy the bountiful produce, plants and artwork. If you … Continue Reading

The Best of Fall In Chicago

Seriously, where do I begin? Fall in Chicago is everything. After an active Summer where us Chicagoans do everything we can to soak up the sun, I honestly welcome the cooler temps, the layering and the yumminess of a #PSL. Slow down, take a stroll, bring your dog to the beach again, cozy up by … Continue Reading