Similar to Fall, Spring is excellent for layering. Light, airy layers that have a punch of color versus living in grey and black like Winter (which, in my opinion, is not an issue). Finding these pieces were really such a breath of fresh air as we have (finally) welcomed our dewy path forward to more sunshine. 

What was the most impactful about this shoot was that it was at my parents house– the one they just put up for sale. My childhood home! For sale! I knew this day would come, however it’s been so surreal. I was over to photographic their interior, which was super bitter-sweet.

I mean, what’s more fun than frolicking in the middle of a suburban street with your #ChefAdrain takes photos? Nothing. That’s one small step for photographers, one giant leap for Instagram Husbands.

I’m so obsessed with blush lately. Even on my see-through skin, I think it compliments every skin tone in this transition season. On top of this hue, I love layering similar colors– it definitely brings an extra dose of interesting and dynamic to your outfit party, amirite?


Crepe Woven Trench Coat // Mesh Floral Embroidered Top // Boho Silk Maxi Dress // Faux Suede Salmon Strappy Heels // Similar Purse Here 

Happy Spring!