‘Tis the season for taking advantage of all those amazing deals, sales and promotions online to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones! This post is no different– I’m so excited to share a Holiday deal with you from my amazing friends at Pixel. So– have you thought about giving your friends and family one of the best gifts that will keep on giving?

Enter: Pixel Eyewear. Computer glasses for a highly digital age that literally helps save your eyesight. How? By blocking all the naughty artificial blue light that gets emitted from our tech devises like your computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, electronic devices, fluorescent and LED lighting. Know someone who spends a lot of time around those? I thought so. 

Since I got my Pixels two years ago, you bet your bah humbug I use them every single day at work and at home in front of all my devises. Best part? They now have prescription lenses so there is absolutely no need to switch between your regular frames or contacts! Check out some of these awesome selections ??.

I’m obsessed with my Capra lenses and I promise you will be glad you gave one, two or several as a gift! I’m so sure you will be, that I’m gifting a special Holiday and New Year (new you!) discount just for the season to jump on the sleigh and click “purchase”. Now until January 1, 2019 (again, how are we here), use “TMIHOLIDAY” promo code at check out for a holly jolly $10.00 off your order! How anti-freeze is that? Okay, holiday banter aside, I care about you and your eyesight which is why I promote Pixel Eyewear as often as I do!

If you need even more proof, don’t ask me! Ask my darling friend, Doctor Danielle Jin, Optometrist extraordinaire who I interviewed in a Coffee Talk post in October asking her all the hard questions about why you should believe me. 

Me, texting everyone I know again about my Holiday discount!

So friends, for all the special people in your life, give the gift of protecting a vital organ that is in danger of damage due to artificial blue light that is almost impossible to avoid. Enjoy this great discount and have the best Holiday yet!

Happy Holidays, 


P.s. My jammies are Ralph Lauren and I only wear RL PJs on the Holidays!