Now living just minutes away from a beach, not only has a new routine evolved, but so have my needs going to a place we used to pack in advance for! Long are the days of packed coolers, towels upon towels, several outfits–basically a doomsday kit for the beach– has turned into grab this bag and go. Keep reading to see what I have packed and ready on-hand when we go to the beach almost every day.

While you’d think I put in some serious thought to this beach kit, it really ended up putting itself together since most of these items stay in the bag once we come home!

There’s only one tweak I’ve made here to my usual gathering: I’ve shifted what I wear to the beach since we usually head somewhere after instead of coming straight home. Lunch, farmers market, shopping, etc. and for me, that outfit looks a little different than just a beach coverup, even in Charleston.

WeJoy Beach Chair // Solid & Striped Victoria Belted Suit // ZaraNetted Shell Bag // Woven Riding Cap // Snake Skin Slides // BluBlocker Sunnies // Stripe Halter Dress // All Around Giant Monstera Towel // La Fresh travel-lite SPF Wipes // Kiehl’s Sunscreen // Beach Tote

Keeping everything easy and effortless is where it’s at when it comes to beach days, but there’s no reason not to be stylish!

I hope your Summer days are filled with sand, sun and sea!