It’s rough out there. From harsh winds to dry heat, we definitely put our skin through the ringer over the winter months. While we keep to our routines and try to maintain our healthy glow, here are a few tips ensuring your healthy skin is well prepared for the transition in to Spring. The best part? All are super affordable and found at your local grocery, drug and convenience stores.

1. Bio Oil

I’ve been using Bio Oil for 10 years and I adore it. From stretch marks to dry cuticles, I lather it on every night for extra healing– especially in the winter. Clinically proved and dermatologist recommend, its also hypoallergenic and can be used with all skin types.

Walgreens | $11.79

2. Lobello Lip Balm

Thick, smooth and completely luxurious, I get this special treat every time my aunt comes back from Germany. We literally call it “the butter” because it goes on like butter, lasts for hours and heals any case of winter chapped lips. It is, and will always be, my go-t0 lip balm.

Amazon | $7.95

3. Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil

The hype is real about all the benefits of Coconut Oil, especially for the below zero temps. Lather up after a shower or apply when your skin gets extra itchy and dry = instant relief.

Target | $5.09

4. Shea Butter

I honestly have to give a shout out to my mom on this one. As a swim instructor, it was a never-ending search for a way to protect her skin from drying out in chlorine-rich pool water. 100% pure Shea butter has a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids providing intense nourishment for the skin.

Sally Beauty | $6.29

5. At-Home Avocado, Honey + Yogurt Face Mask

If you’re looking to get a little creative with your winter remedies, look no further and try this simple mix of avocado, honey and yogurt face mask from The Everygirl. These three ingredients are always stocked in my house and while it looks like you could break out the chips after you’ve applied, my face has never felt so hydrated. Not to mention, its the perfect remedy to calm redness and inflammation from wind burn.

The Everygirl | 1/2 Avocado, 1/2 cup honey and 1/2 cup plain yogurt 

6. Trader Joe’s Nourish Antioxidant Facial Serum

As my dad worked at Trader Joe’s for almost 10 years, this was always coming home in our grocery bags. This velvety smooth, basically weightless serum ads a bust of hydration to your face. Packed with vitamin C beads, this is a staple product I apply every morning. or Trader Joes | $19.99

7. Fish Oil with Omega-3

I have high cholesterol and take Fish Oil with Omega-3 vitamins every day. But crack open one of those capsules and apply to your cheek bones to reduce acne, redness and wrinkles.

GNC | $9.99

8. Vaseline Deep Moisture Vitamin E Petroleum Jelly Cream

After a recent pedicure, my technician shared with me that our heels can suffer from extreme dryness if you walk barefoot on older wooden floors (cue every Chicago apartment). Her remedy was good old fashion Vaseline applied nightly. Try Vaseline Deep Moisture for extra healing powers.

Walmart | $3.49

9. Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid-Lotion Sunblock

Sunblock? In the winter? You bet! Sun rays reflect radiation off snow and protection is a must. Use at least a 30 SPF every day before stepping outside, with or without makeup.

Ulta | $10.99

10. Olay Gentle Cleanser Conditioning Milk

Skip the scrub in the winter that can only add to your already dry skin. Instead, switch it out for a soothing, intense antioxidant rich milk conditioning cleanser to remove make up and nourish your skin, lashes and brows.

Overstock | $10.19

Keep your skin protected from the cold and you’ll be glowing come Spring!