Giving Thanks

A week from Thanksgiving and feeling extra warm and fuzzy (not just because we now have a wood burning fireplace!) but because it’s the best feeling that comes with the Holiday season. Feeling grateful, thankful and all the love. Sharing a few things I’m thankful for this year, and ever day.

One Year in Charleston

We packed our bags, car and truck, drove 16 hours from Chicago to Charleston and here we are one whole year later.

Summer Bucket List

More like a life bucket list I came up with this Summer that really put into perspective the importance of what can make me/us happy.

Summer Solstice Spritzer

Welcome Summer and hello Friday! As the first official day, I’m sharing the cocktail #ChefAdrian has been making on repeat so you can sip and savor all the sunny days ahead!

Beach Needs ⛱

Now living just minutes away from a beach, not only has a new routine evolved, but so have my needs going to a place we used to pack in advance for! Long are the days of packed coolers, towels upon towels, several outfits–basically a doomsday kit for the beach– has turned into grab this bag … Continue Reading

Memorial Day Sales

I typically don’t look for or blog about sales (maybe I should!?) but as I’m working to rebuild my wardrobe and home decor I’ve seriously been on the look out! Memorial Day sales are definitely ones to take advantage of, so here’s my round up to get in on today!

My Favorite Fiat Features

Ask and you shall receive! I got a lot of questions about owning a Fiat, so here we are! Sharing a Q&A along with my absolute favorite things about Italian Stallion.

Introducing Driftwood Designs

My mom and I have officially gone into business together! A true passion project for us, Driftwood Designs was born out of our love for the ocean, natural materials and textures, creating and of course, collecting the precious treasures this beautiful planet has made!

Ion Home Mood Board

Here we are! A new–empty– house in desperate need for new items to make it a home. Luckily, #ChefAdrian and I have similar taste when it comes to decor and furniture, so we already have pieces identified, purchased or even on its way for delivery!