I’ve been taking a lot of baths lately. And while I might not completely fit in my tub, lighting some candles, grabbing a glass of wine and taking time to relax has really helped with my anxiety. An additional element (that is crucial for enhanced relaxation) is aromatherapy bath salts. The mix of lavender and scented salts makes a world of difference in my relaxation routine.

Any bath salt blend is quote easy to make, but the variety of options for your unique combination is what can really make a difference! I luckily had just made a smudge stick, so I had plenty of dried flowers to add into the mix– which makes for a prettier and more scented bath experience!


Preparation is super easy, but make sure to evenly include your Himalayan salt, Epsom salt and your dried flowers for a lovely display!

This obviously makes for a great gift, but don’t forget to treat yourself!

Happy relaxing,