There is a lot of information out there—maybe too much information.

Welcome to The TMI Blog—your destination for short and sweet, curated content from leading industry sources and the life of Taylor Marie Ion.

What to expect: distilled features relevant to the every day woman (or man, or pet!) that highlight trends and pockets of life related to: style, food, travel, beauty, interior and DIY—not always in that order. Get your quick fix on the weekly Top Ten Features that give shout outs to all things TMI is loving that week—from 10 ways to eat poblano peppers, shoes you seriously need right now, candle scents that light up your life to tablescapes and How-To: Survive a Week-Long Vacation With Your Parents. Get it all here.

About TMI

Not just a lifestyle, but also a name.

Meet Taylor Marie Ion, the editor behind The TMI Blog. Living life to the fullest in Chicago, she’s always looking through the creative lens finding large and small inspiration from the ever vast city around her, her amazingly talented husband and her beautiful friends and family. A graduate from CCC, her portfolio of Renaissance Woman includes, but not limited to: a degree in Art Direction and Art History, photographer, painter, brand manager and graphic designer, food consumer and critic, part-time singer, dancer and bargain hunter. While not balancing a full plate, TMI loves running after her French bulldog, Sofie and sipping a red blend in a stemmed, bulbous glass while watching #ChefAdrian prepare a meal.

What to expect: a funky fresh, yet tolerably sophisticated chick with an emphasis on burgers and shoes.