As a new Account Manager at TRIO, one thing I am particularly thrilled about, is working with and supporting a slew of amazing nonprofits throughout South Carolina. It’s incredible to see your work directly impact an organization for the better! That said, in the season of giving, I’ve rounded up all the charitable ways my family and I are lending a helping hand this Holiday.

Given my attention to the nonprofit sector recently, I’ve heard more and more about Vu Le of Nonprofit AF, a writer, speaker, vegan, fellow Pisces, and the Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps, a nonprofit in Seattle who sends me nothing but hilariously good vibes every Monday morning. In a post seasonally themed post for Thanksgiving, he writes about how just being thankful is not enough. It needs to be more specific, more often and most of all, personal. He listed 21 tips to do a better job thanking people all year round. See for yourself ??

Being thankful is not enough. Here are 21 tips to help you do a better job thanking people

This made me think about charitable acts and how I really only prioritize them during the Holidays which, to be honest, is great for most individuals and organizations who receive so much during this time of the year, but that is not enough. There is more to do, more to give and other great ideas to easily layer into my year– and you can too! Along with the below ways we’re giving back this Holiday, we’re going to continue to be more active in our communities and increasing our attention to those who will definitely benefit from it.

  • Start or support a fundraiser on Facebook. Check out all the different ones already active to give towards!
  • Maximize your purchase power and buy local and gifts that keep giving. Did you see my 10 small business buys for #GivingTuesday via Instagram Stories? I’ve added a Highlight for some of the great gifts to give and give back this year! 
  • Love Thy Neighbor. We’re baking all the cookies for all the neighbors who have been so generous to us in only the few short months we lived here! My minty fresh shortbread cookies will be on the blog soon!
  • Pass the puppy. Or kitty! Register your pet to become a therapy animal and stop into all the healthy facilities that will allow them! Bring joy to those who need it most that you and your furry friend will love.
  • Purge for a Purpose. Spring isn’t the only season to declutter. Making room for your guests to stay with you this Holiday? Go the extra mile and have purging on the brain while rearranging this season and give all the access to your local charities!
  • Sweat it out. Give back while burning calories! Here is a great list of gyms and classes that donate to charities while you bust your butt.

How will you donate, volunteer and give back this year? Make it a New Years Resolution, make note to think of it often and implement a system to keep the giving going for years to come!

Happy Holidays!