#ChefAdrian and I fly about 4-5 times a year and all are typically pretty short flights (if all goes well!). We also never check bags to ensure easy access to our luggage on and off the plane (especially for transfers!). That said, at this point I’ve mastered the carry-on essentials and no matter where you’re flying at any time of the year, I hope these tips can help you on your next journey!


1. Be Organized 

Find smaller bags to store non-liquid items such as medications, lip balm, headphones, etc.

2. Get Comfy

Airplane style is not what it used to be anymore! Gone are the days of dressing up for your flight in hopes of getting bumped to first class. With that behind us, make sure to always carry a scarf to act as a small blanket, neck rest or pillow, if you choose not to bring those along!

3. Stay Busy

If you can’t dose off, make sure to bring a small activity whether a book or loaded Netflix picks. I always be sure to being a small box of crayons and either a coloring book or travel pad to play tick-tack-toe with #ChefAdrian.

4. Keep Clean

With all the traffic airplanes get, a little hand sanitizer or wipes go a long way! It’s also a great way to freshen up before you land. Remember Debra Messing in The Wedding Date after they land in London? Yea, let’s not do that.

5. Rest Assured 

There have definitely been some nifty inventions lately for getting the best rest on planes mid-flight. From SleepPhones, NodPod or FaceCradle, sometimes a thick sweater can also do the trick!



Safe travels!

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