Image via Feel Desain

I can vividly remember Earth Day celebrations dating back to my middle school days. Whether we pitched in to tidy up the community, planted trees and flowers, fundraised to install a wind turbine, we were actively involved in making this world a better place by way of our small but mighty efforts. Today, we celebrate our 46th Earth Day and while we continue to encourage people to become more environmentally friendly, join me and the 1 billion people across the globe with a few ways to get involved!

1. Find a local event near you via this Google Earth Day map with public events all over the world.

2. Instead of planting a tree, you can start to grow your own plants indoors with stunning plant lamp!

3. Join Friends of The Parks and help clean up forrest preserves near you.

4. Tonight, dine by candle light and help LYFE Kitchen conserve energy.

5. Take a free stroll through the Chicago Botanic Gardens and learn about their stunning new Spring blooms and how they help contribute to the environment.

There are plenty of other ways to join the fun– how are you contributing? Enjoy this day and the weekend ahead by getting outside and making a difference. Every bit helps!

Cheers to Friday!