Clearing clutter and going through your clothes can be a great way to kickstart a Spring Cleaning plan. However, recently, I’ve been looking inward to see how I could reorganize and de-clutter myself mentally, physically and emotionally. I see Spring as some see New Years– a fresh start. It is the start of the Zodiac, after all! And has the fist day of a new season has arrived, I’ve taken time to put together a list I’d like to share with you.


For me, it’s always been natural to give people–especially strangers– compliments. I’m very aware of my surroundings so if I see, hear or feel something that inspires or truly works on someone else, I always try to compliment them. It makes me feel good to make others feel good. Have you ever gotten a compliment and it just made you day? I see it as a simple way to spread joy.

Energy Boost

Do you commute to work (like me!)? Even when running errands, I use every opportunity to put some pep in my step– making more of an effort to exude quick energy to get an extra adrenaline boost. Try running quicker up the stairs or walking a little faster to burn extra calories, keep you motivated and jog your system!

Sound Sleep

#ChefAdrian and I have been on a 6-month long mattress hunt. Along with new bedding, new pillows and a new mattress pad. The best night sleep is the best way to wake up your best! If budget allows (or maybe start saving), invest in quality and comfortable pieces in your bed. From plush, weighted blankets, to super supportive mattress pads, make your sleep a major priority to better you inside and out!

Tea Trade

We. All. Know. Tea has some maj health benefits– no secret and you’ve heard it time and time again. But have you actually tried incorporating it into your diet in a big way? Like swapping out your normal cup of joe for some delicious and nutritious green tea .


After an annual with my doctor, I asked about vitamins that would help my mood, energy and any major deficiencies– I was unbelievably impressed on how much better I feel when I take the vitamins my body needs. Plus, take it back to your childhood and start your day with gummy vitamins which is softer on you stomach and much tastier!

Ready, set, refresh!