I’m currently interviewing in Charleston and nothing makes me feel more confident than when I love my outfit and feel amazing in it! The last thing anyone should be thinking about when preparing and walking into an interview is: “Do I look okay?”. So, I’m sharing my current outfits I’m interviewing in for this season that are far from a blazer, black pants or pencil skirt that is totally appropriate, but fashion forward, perfect for all body types and will be sure to get you a compliment by your future employers (worked for me!).

If you search “Interview Outfits” on Pinterest, you’ll see a plethora of straightforward picks that mostly include a blazer, white top, pants and heels. While there is nothing wrong with an amazing fitting power suit (seriously, I have a few!), I promise this will fall flat in the sea of applicants interviewing for the same position. In my recent interviews, I always left with a compliment on something I was wearing–which is such an added bonus after a productive conversation with a future employer. Here’s how you can replicate this feel-good confidence in the outfit you put together for your interview!

Personality Is Everything 

While you’ll be talking a lot about yourself and your personality will shine through conversation, it’s always a good idea to dress to match how you feel, what makes you you and wear it on your sleeve (maybe literally!).


  • Add a pop of color to update any mundane, neutral outfit. This could include neon earrings, vibrant color heel or a colorful belt is a great way to add some jazz. Or, try a matching muted pastel colored blazer and pant that compliments your skin color for bonus points!
  • If you love patterns and textiles (like me!), opt-in for a flattering dress in a floral pattern, geometric shapes or stripes that mix it up a little. Add a belt or accessories in simple, neutral metals or skin tone shoes to elongate your legs to balance the whole outfit out.


  • Steer clear of a loud, different color lipstick or nail polish. Given you’ll be the one talking most of the time, this can be very distracting for your interviewer!
  • While I love mixing prints, I recommend holding back on loud and large prints in a top and bottom. Instead, stay monochromatic with a stripe and a polkadot.

Scotch & Soda Ruffle Floral Print Dress // Nine West Womens Shawn Leather Pointed Toe Ankle Wrap Pumps // Gucci Marmont Leather Belt // Kendra Scott Emmet Statement Earrings in Matte // Scotch & Soda Tailored Herringbone Pants // Scotch & Soda Slim-Fit Double Breasted Jacket // Strategia Floral Boots // BaubleBar Sebastian Drop Earrings // Aeropostale Faux Leather Dot Analog Watch 

Fit for The Win

If you’re shopping for new pieces for an interview, never purchase anything you just “like”. You should love it. This goes for fit to. Ill-fitting clothes not only make you appear sloppy, you’ll most likely not feel comfortable in it and have one more thing to think about during your conversation.


  • Try on your entire outfit before your interview. Being prepared is not only a job requirement for most companies, it will keep you ahead of your game when you need to get ready.
  • Iron or dry-clean items that need it. Wrinkles or loose buttons are actually noticeable. Again, don’t give anyone the opportunity to be distracted by what you’re wearing.
  • Wear clothes that accentuate you in all the right places! If you have longer legs, try high waisted paper bag pants and a cropped jacket.


  • Do not– I repeat– do not wait until the day of your interview to put your outfit together or try on new clothes. Some things don’t work out and you should be prepared for that ahead of time.
  • Day old clothes or items from “the chair” should not be considered for interviews. But they don’t have to be brand new either. Make sure everything is clean, fresh and spotless!
  • If something doesn’t fit you or when you look in the mirror and don’t immediately feel comfortable and confident, do not wear it. Just like wrinkles, ill-fitting clothes stick out like sore thumbs and can unintentionally be seen as inappropriate.

P.A.R.O.S.H. Palazzo Pleat Skirt // Thomas Mason® J.Crew Ludlow Bib Tuxedo Shirt // Michael Kors Snake Leather Hip Station Belt // 1 State White Relle Mule // Mango Paper Bag Trousers // Balmain Prince of Wales Virgin-Wool Cropped Blazer // Majestic Failures Black Turtleneck Tank // Ettika Seashell Lariat Necklace // David Yurman Citrine & Sapphire Cocktail Ring 

Deliver on The Details 

A great way to amplify your outfit choice is to go for clothing options that have subtle details that make a big impact. This could include a puffy shoulder sleeve, ankle lace up close-tow pumps, ruffles or an asymmetrical button up top.


  • Leaning on current trends can help influence a statement piece in your outfit. Right now, asymmetrical buttons, balloon shoulders and sleeves, ruffles and Cowboy influences are really in. Done correctly and appropriately, this can definitely up your look!
  • It’s totally okay to add a little sparkle and shine to polish any outfit, but do it tastefully like statement earrings or a broach.
  • Dont forget to think about your whole look. This includes hair, makeup and shoes!


  • Going over the top can be easy to do when you’re trying to add more flare to a simple outfit. Don’t go too heavy with accessories– side with Coco Chanel on this one: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”
  • Distressed denim, feathers, tassels, glitter, rhinestones and patches are details you should leave at home.
  • Too many hair accessories, bobby pins or headbands can come off elementary. Opt for clean, simple hair that is out of your face is your best bet.

Malene Birger Alberto Ruffled Satin Mini Dress // BAUBLEBAR Zazu Fringed Parrot Drop Earrings // Veronica Beard Holli Shirt // Topshop Satin Spot Ruffle Skirt // Jeffrey Campbell Genial Statement Heel d’Orsay Pump // Katy Perry The Memphis // BAUBLEBAR Gemma Pavé Loop Drop Earrings // Tory Burch Phipps Goldtone Two-Hand Leather Strap Watch // Sylvia Toledano Gold-Plated Multi-Bangle Set // Shashi Starburst Signet Ring

Who’s ready to look their best at the next interview? You are! These tips have gotten me through several interviews and I’ve never gone wrong. Go get ’em!