Last week, Mama Kim was staying with us in Chicago and we had quite the time exploring and dining around town! One of my favorite things we did was explore all the amazingness that was Refinery29’s 29Rooms, their annual funhouse of style, culture and creativity.

I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve been following Refinery29–it’s been my go-to for weekly and monthly Horoscopes, all things woman advise, style and culture. I see it as the next step up from my younger girl years reading The Care and Keeping of You, The Body Book for Girls by The American Girl Library (did anyone else grow up on this book?!). So when 29Rooms was coming to Chicago, it was a no-brainer to jump on tickets for a little girl time with my mom. As a double major in the art field and my mom being an artist, I was so excited to experience such an amazing installation with her, now as women who still love and appreciate the industry.

If you didn’t get a chance to go to the event or not familiar, 29Rooms is where you can experience Refinery 29’s imaginative spirit IRL, since its launch in 2015.  The exhibition is comprised of 29 unique spaces that showcase a range of creative disciplines, from poetry to painting to responsive technology. Throughout the space, we collaborate with a broad range of artists, talent, and brands to create an inclusive, interactive, and highly visual space meant to unlock visitors’ imaginations, spark dialog, and fuel self expression.

This year’s tour theme: Turn It Into Art kicked off in September 2017, and bigger than ever before, 29Rooms: Turn It Into Art is a place you can come create, play, and explore our multi-sensory playground, where we celebrate the transformative power of creativity. Make your way through individually curated rooms designed by local artists or celebrities like Demi Lovato and Jake Gyllenhaal that are packed with magic and brimming with inspiration.

With more show announcements coming this week, here are my 29 reasons to see 29Rooms:

  1. The event has extremely well marked signage so there is no way to miss where you need to go.
  2. Started promptly on time for our time slot and entered into the exhibit quickly so there wasn’t too much time waiting in line.
  3. From start to finish, every single staff member and volunteer, inside and out, we’re super friendly, very knowledgeable on each installation and helpful with logistics.
  4. Gender-neutral restrooms are always a plus!
  5. Free WiFi that was promoted, easy to access and a strong signal for all those pre-posting photos.
  6. Shred through all your negative thoughts  by a clever and freeing installation by Jake Gyllenhaal (one of my favorites!).
  7. Ever wanted a tattoo? Demi Lovato’s exhibit lets you temporarily try it out with one of her personal pieces.
  8. Support women all over the country and write a letter to your local senator why Women’s Rights are important to you (I wrote a few!)
  9. Curious about the new Samsung Galaxy phones? Check out (literally) and test the latest Samsung Galaxy phone throughout the event.
  10. If you’ve experienced a personal loss from any Chicago shootings, there is a special memorial space to say a prayer for family and friends.
  11. Get your Boomerang on with a slow-motion Windy City Tribute!
  12. Understand the difference of your skin health in an installation by Clinique.
  13. Uncover the other layers of your own self empowerment.
  14. Get colorful with your favorite queens of Queer Eye!
  15. Get in touch with our feminine side inside a floral waterfall.
  16. This is an excellent place to do live social videos or do an artist recap for your social channels or blog (like me!).
  17. Network, meet new people or enjoy a day with friends!
  18. If you love to people watch, this event is no joke.
  19. Everyone has come from all over the city with their own sense of style– get some inspiration from the men and women in your city!
  20. This event is truly the best place to up your Instagram game– there are so many interactive, colorful and engaging pieces to express your personal taste!
  21. Kick 0ff your shoes and relax in several full body sensory experiences.
  22. Leave your mark and personal proclamation in books and paint them on lamps.
  23. A great place to learn more about local artists in your community and their focus and mediums.
  24. Reflect on your past, present and future in a glamorous mirrored experience.
  25. In Chicago, it was a great venture outside my usual neighborhoods. I loved exploring the different scene and trying to places to go and eat.
  26. Get involved and support Planned Parenthood while experiencing how it’s helped so many people in your community.
  27. FREE SNACKS! Keep your hangry self at bay with different flavors of Larabars (it was my first!).
  28. Get your very own R29 swag– from t-shirts, pins, totes and plenty more branded goodies!
  29. An overall family-friendly, kid-friendly, friend-friendly experience that will put a smile on your face!

Images supplied by Refinery29

While the 2018 shows have completed, if you check back to the 29Rooms they have some new show announcements coming soon!

Have you seen 29Rooms in different cities? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!


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